“Cheese” Sauce (dairy free)

Sometimes, I miss dairy.

But since discovering nutritional yeast, I really don’t miss it so much anymore!
So what is nutritional yeast? Well, it has a nutty, cheesy flavor, and comes in either flakes or powder form. It is rich in vitamins (b-complex, folic acid, zinc, and more) and many brands are fortified with vitamin B-12. The brand I use is Bob’s Red Mill which comes in flake form, however when I can find it I do prefer the powder version.
(more on nutritional yeast – Nutritional Yeast Demystified)

Mac and "Cheese" | *Lovely Avocados*

Mac and “Cheese”

"Cheese" Sauce | *Lovely Avocados*

“Cheese” Sauce

Recipe - "Cheese" Sauce | *Lovely Avocados*

Inspired by: Not-So Cheese Sauce (Vitamix)